How to Secure your Important Information


Why passwords?

There are several ways that we can identify ourselves to our computers, and at least one of them is always necessary to get very far with them. The most commonly used way is via password; a password to open the computer, to access the internet, to check email and so on. With passwords being so common it is no wonder that they are taken so lightly. However many people do not realize that passwords can be cracked and your private information can be stolen from you.

Other ways to protect your data

There are other ways in which identity can be confirmed, such as fingerprint or retina scanners. These mean that the system will only login if the user is present. This solves a lot of password cracking issues yet there is still a possibility that a hacker may be able to crack the system and get into your account. However most people are unable to afford fingerprint and retina scanners at work, let alone at home, even though they are getting much cheaper as time goes on. Personalized key cards can also be used to prove identification but the issue of what happens if it is lost or stolen makes it not worthwhile in most cases.

Everyone comes back to the passwords

This is why passwords are so popular, they are cheap, secure, and hard to steal or lose as well as being very easy to change. Some of these advantages can be used more efficiently to make your details even more secure. For example passwords are easy to change, so if you have an important account it is suggested that you change your password at least every month to stop anyone who maybe specifically targeting you to steal from. Passwords are even easy to set up, much password management software is available online for nothing, and the great stuff is still a lot less than fingerprint scanners.

Keep an eye out, they may be coming

Due to the rise in accounts being cracked and private information being downloaded, it is important that all network administrators be very careful in monitoring the security of their network as if one account is cracked, many others could be open to attack as well. Also it is important for login providers to create limits on how many times a login can be attempted per time period. This stops people spamming logins with many passwords. Another thing to add with the password is a question with a password like answer. The great thing about this is it helps security like a second password but the user does not have to try to memorize it as the question should jog their mind to what they nominated at the answer.

Therefore it can be seen that unless you want to spend more money on security than you have to secure, a humble password is for you. Just remember to keep it complicated and not related to you in any way. Oh, and the longer the better, as always.


Source by Saman Rashid