Internet Network Marketing Information Overload!


Hello again, I’m back from a brief hiatus and feeling refreshed. I took a little breather from my writing to reflect on what so many of us experience in this industry, Information Overload! I think that even with the miracle known as the human brain and not withstanding the fact that we only use approximately ten percent on any given occasion, when we are faced with too many arrows of information our cranium tends to retreat and shut down momentarily.

Well my friends, that is what happened to me. I started down the information highway known as Route Internet Marketing 101 a few months back and admittedly I along with so many others got sucked into the trap of thinking that, “this internet marketing thing is going to be a piece of cake and make me a ton-o-money.”

Not so fast there cowboy… what I’ve learned about this business in a few months would probably earn me a Gold Metal, were this an Olympic Sporting event based on internet marketing knowledge. I can guarantee that ANYONE who has traversed this road will say AMEN to that! I recently watched a video on this subject on information overload from a guru in our industry none other than Mike Dillard himself.

I knew it wasn’t half bad when Mike himself who has made Millions in this industry said he STILL gets information overload at times. Well if experts in our industry experience this what does that do to a fledgling newbie? Its called BURN OUT, That is why so many people fail period!

Here is how it works, you come across this medium looking for a way to replace your old every day job. The benefits are great, work from your own home and be the master of your own time. Wonderful idea right? Let me tell you something mister, you better put on your Tunnel Vision Glasses right away and learn to concentrate on ONE strategy at a time!

From the minute you start down this road, the offers start from hundreds if not thousands of people who state how rich and successful they are and if only you buy into their proven system you can be too. The problem with these offers is they are all equally enticing and as a newbie you are hungry to conquer the internet marketing world! That is where the trap is laid my friends. Pretty soon you find yourself buying into a dozen or so “get unbelievably rich quick” programs and spending an ever increasing amount of money on them each month, while not being able to concentrate fully on any individual one.

My advice to all you who are relatively new to this game, SLOW DOWN, smell the roses and take a deep breadth. The multitude of get rich programs will still be there if you decide to stay in this business for the long haul. Pick one strategy to market yourself and your programs like “Pay Per Click Marketing” and stick to it. Learn it well and master it before embarking down a different path and I can guarantee the failure rate in this business will fall substantially!


Source by Jeff Wisuri